About Me

South African born, I’m a fitness professional who lives and works on the Gold Coast, Australia.  I teach spin, aqua, deep water running and older adults.  I’m also a duty manager at the health centre where I work, a hobby interior designer and a writer.

Interior design and fitness are not mutually exclusive interests. I believe the space you occupy is as important as the body you live in because both affect your health. There is nothing I love more than transforming a person’s life or transforming a space from something rundown and broken to something that exudes nurture and love.  All any of us really needs in order to flourish is a little bit of TLC and polish. That goes for the planet too!

I’m a Taurus and a cat person.  Meet Archie (ginger), Freya (black) and the newest addition, Little Millie who I found in the most remote cage at the animal hospital. She had been abandoned with tick bite paralysis. She now lives with her new brother and sister in a house with a nice leafy garden and has developed a healthy appetite for tuna and lizards.

My career includes twenty six years in the corporate sphere. Ten years as an Executive Assistant with Telstra and sixteen years with four of the top five law firms in Australia.  All of this means I know a thing or two about documentation.

I spent nine years at the University of Western Australia where I both taught and completed a PhD in Creative Writing.  Going forward I’m committed to the integration of my skills in the promotion of health, conscious living and active engagement in the creation of a better world for all.  As a planet we are at a tipping point.  It is going to take focus and the collective action from all of us to save it.