Weight training for older adults

As you get older there is a big difference in motivation for ‘going to the gym”.  Whereas younger people might go for bikini bodies and buff looks, for the mature demographic it’s all about longevity and wellbeing. m@ms 2One of the most successful programs we have run at the centre where I work is the “Mature and Motivated” weight training sessions. Working with a circuit designed for progression and with, at times, some tough love, we have seen dramatic improvements in the overall wellbeing of our members.  Weight training is not just for body builders.  It’s something we all need to do to maintain strength and muscle which in turn improves the quality of our lives in the later years.  Our membership base ranges from 50 – 86 years old and they love it.  This group works out then does coffee. The social aspect of community being just as important as the workout itself. Super proud of these guys.

m@ms 1



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