Keryn on spin bike


It might surprise you to know that one of the best ways to build strength in your legs and improve your cardio is spin – or indoor cycling.  My surgeon suggested that I try spin following my knee replacement.  I lasted 10 minutes. This was only because my approach was wrong and I thought I had to keep up with everyone else in the class.

I encourage people of all ages to try the bike.  It is perfect for getting in a stimulating workout without smashing your joints and if you have had knee surgery, or are soon to have knee surgery, it is great for building strength and improving range of motion.

When newbies first arrive in my class I encourage them to simply cycle along at their own pace and absorb what is going on.  There is no need to feel intimidated because everyone is focussed on their own workouts.

On following visits I encourage them to set small goals for themselves and progressively build up.

When attending a spin class for the first time you need to arrive in good time to get help setting up your bike.  You need to take a towel and a bottle of water.  Later, if you decide that spinning is something you would like to continue with, I would advise purchasing a pair of cycle shoes that clip to the pedal (cleats).  These will help with form particularly if you have had a knee replacement.  The shoes will keep your feet and legs stable and properly aligned.

Stay tuned for my 30 and 45 minutes spin classes on Youtube.  Workout with me in the comfort of your own home or gym.


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