Health and Life Coach

I am a qualified personal trainer currently training out of the Palm Beach Aquatic Centre.

My philosophy to training and changing patterns of behaviour is the same philosophy I learned to apply long distance running.  Do something you enjoy, take it one step at time and be consistent.

I didn’t always hold this philosophy.  Often the best learning experiences come from learning painful lessons.  During my competitive years I was like a bull at a gate with most things and what happens when you charge about is that you are likely to wear yourself out and lose focus and motivation.  Frequently I would throw myself into training or projects only to find that those who did a little bit every day consistently, were in the long run, far more successful that my brutal approach.

Ever been to a gym where a personal trainer asks YOU how you are going to achieve your goals and you’re thinking “isn’t that what I’m paying you to tell me?”  Me too.  The thinking behind that kind of approach is to get the client, ie you, to take ownership of your own transformation.  I get that –  but in real life, sometimes we need a little shove or simply being given the tools to help us shape our own direction.

You don’t want to become dependant on someone telling you what to do.  You want to be given the tools to drive yourself.  So perhaps I will be the first personal trainer to tell you that you don’t need me, but you might need the knowledge I can give you.

I believe in knowledge and empowerment.  I am not here to sell you a 12 week plan or put my abs  – or yours – on Instagram.  I am here to give you the tools to help you reach your goals in a sustainable way.

My running background means that I prefer to train people using a mix of cardio and strength training and this doesn’t necessarily mean a gym.  The cardio is for the soul, the strength is for injury prevention so that you can keep on doing that which you love.  I believe everyone in life would benefit from training for and running one marathon.  The marathon can give you skills that will transform your thinking, your body and you can apply to life.

It all begins with a conversation.  Fill in the form below if you want to get in touch.  Also, you don’t need to live in Australia. I accept clients from all over the world.  All that is required is that are committed.