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Keryn 14

Keryn’s fitness career began in South Africa when she accepted the challenge to run an 8km road race.  She walked most of it but from humble beginnings and the desire to improve Keryn persisted.  Over the course of 31 years Keryn completed 26 marathons, two ultra-marathons (56kms) and thousands of shorter events. At her peak she was running between 80 – 100kms per week and made the state team for the 15km Championships.

After a running related injury culminated in a total knee replacement Keryn turned to the gym for rehab only to discover that most personal trainers don’t know how to work with people with knee replacements.  Putting her running background to good use, Keryn enrolled in Certificates III and IV in fitness to become her own trainer and found that her experience and qualifications have found a niche in training older adults.

Keryn believes that the only barrier to fitness is a mental unwillingness to embrace change and discomfort, not age or disability.  She believes that a fitness regime is crucial to a good balance in life.

Keryn currently teaches Aqua, Deep Water Running, M@M Weights and Spin at the Palm Beach Aquatic Centre on the Gold Coast.