This beautiful image was created for me by the gorgeous Elle @ jujucreativehub. It truly represents how I feel about fitness.  It has taken me a long time and many injuries to understand that true fitness is a blossoming of wellness which is underpinned by the pillars of:

  • Nutrition (you are what you eat and also what you put into your brain.  Do you feed it social media junk food or do you feed it something nourishing?)
  • Flexibility (you are only as young as your spine)
  • Strength (strong muscles protect joints and create stability)
  • Rest (allows time for rejuvenation and contemplation. In this faced paced world we need to travel inwards, not online)
  • Community (where I work the benefits of community through exercise cannot be overstated)

There is no one size fits all with fitness and I am not into hard bodies.  I believe fitness is a holistic concept which when the above elements are all in sync allow us to live and enjoy our best life.