The Season of Smoke #3

As the fires continue to blaze across Australia with unprecedented loss of wildlife (half a billion at last count) I was sitting in my yoga class and the tears just came. For forty minutes I was unable to control the flood that dripped from my face. I cried for this country. I cried for the lost animals, the stranded people, the people who have lost everything and I cried for the fact that this government is in denial. They have lied to us, they have obfuscated, they have refused to come up with a coherent climate policy and they have refused to switch to renewal energy. I cried, because for the first time since I moved to Australia 34 years ago, I see a government completely out of touch with its people.

The press keep referring to this catastrophe as a natural disaster or a rather severe “bushfire season.” In doing so they are minimising the fact that this is an unprecedented situation brought about by a global consciousness that refutes the science of global warming. And even if, behind closed doors they acknowledge the science, they have not come up with an emergency plan.

When Scott Morrison won a surprise election mid 2019 he was fond of saying that his was a victory for the ‘quiet Australians’, a clear dig at anyone not in complete agreement with him. In my view our iconic animals are the real ‘quiet Australians’. My heart breaks at their suffering and at the ongoing loss of all those still trapped in the burning forests.

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