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What is Yin Yoga?

Yin is a largely floor based yoga practice which uses stillness and the breath to clear the meridian systems of energy blockages which physically, and metaphysically, create a state of dis-ease or imbalance in mind and body. Poses are held for between 3 – 8 minutes. The aim of Yin is to stretch the ligaments, the tendons and the fluff around the joints to improve flexibility and range of motion. Unlike Vinyasa, the aim is not to stretch or engage the muscles. While it might seem to the casual observer that in Yin nothing happens, the practice lies in the discipline to remain still and focused in poses that might not be entirely comfortable. By drawing upon the Yin or female energies such as stillness and introspection and using the breath to flush out the meridian system, Yin is also a mindful and meditative practice. Props such as bolsters, straps and blocks are used to assist with range of motion. The aim is not to force the body into a pose, but rather to allow for something that is more intuitive, organic and supportive. People who have tried Yin have reported feeling emotionally and physically so much better and this has been my experience too. Yin is often accompanied by sound healing, sage and oracle cards.

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The Summer of Smoke – David and Goliath

It’s been a terrible summer in Australia so far.  This burnt tree is set up in Sydney as a poignant symbol of the ongoing devastation to our natural environment, not to mention the horrific toll it’s taken on Australian wildlife. The mega fire front is still raging.  With funding cuts, climate change denialism and a […]

The Summer of Smoke

I’ve become increasingly fixated on water.  For someone who used to whinge when it rained because I would get my running shoes wet, I have a new respect for something  I’ve always taken for granted. Rain will come, the tap will produce water, day follows night. Right? That is until I lived in a city […]

Bless and Flick

Few things press my buttons faster or harder than experiencing white male privilege in action. After 64 years on this planet I am done. To give an example of what I mean let me take to you to the side of pool with me yesterday where I was teaching a deep water running class.  It […]


Hello!  Welcome to my site.  My website as it now stands is in a constant state of evolution, just as I am in a state of evolution along with the rest of the planet.  Nothing is permanent and this is a good thing. Fitness Heaven is my evolving business.  Fitness does not only refer to […]

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