Race Walking – training for my first half marathon

Apart from endorphins, one of the things I loved about long distance running was the way it clarified things for you.  Whenever I had a problem or couldn't get my head around something I was writing, I would go for a run and within no time things would click into place.  I've missed that since … Continue reading Race Walking – training for my first half marathon


There is no purpose to this post other than to enjoy the sight of fresh handpicked roses.  I like to keep fresh roses on my desk when I write.  Everyone told me when I moved to the Gold Coast that you couldn't grow roses here.  They didn't like the humid climate.  All roses require is … Continue reading Roses

#me too

When I watch the proceedings of the sexual misconduct case against Brett Kavanaugh I can't help being taken back to what happened to me in London forty years ago.  I was 22 and living alone in a share house.  My bedroom, on the ground floor of an old Victorian terrace, was the only room occupied on … Continue reading #me too