Aqua and Deep Water Running

I started deep water running as a participant.  At the time I had a serious knee injury and I was waiting for a knee replacement.  Because of pain I could barely walk and the knock on effect of this affected my entire life.  My mood was generally depressed, my weight ballooned, I felt isolated from my former athletic self and useless.  Sound familiar?  I found a deep water running program close to me and from the get go life took on a rosier hue.  I was able to work out and get the same cardio benefits I benefits I enjoyed as a runner, without  the pounding  on my joints.  Not to mention deep water running saved my sanity.  Here are a few reasons why you should give it a try.

  • It’s easy on the joints
  • It’s fun and social
  • It gives a cardio vascular workout
  • It’s great for rehabilitation
  • It offers good cross training opportunities for serious athletes

Contrary to popular opinion, deep water running is not just for old ladies in funny hats.  The quality of the workout depends on your own work ethic.