A day in the life of a fitness trainer

Since my post about training to walk my first half marathon I have done absolutely nothing. I haven’t walked, I haven’t written.  I haven’t been idle either. I am a performer and my job is to get up on stage and rally people to get the best out of themselves which requires a lot of energy.  Most fitness trainers will tell you that they teach hundreds of people a week how to live happier, healthier lives, but they have little time to train themselves.  Between my last post and now I have been trying to make some space for myself to finish my yoga accreditation which has been in the making for the last 2 .3 years.

My day starts at 3:00am.  I have a 25km drive to work to open the gym at 4:45am (giving me a 50km per day round trip).  I’ve never been one of those people who can throw themselves out of bed and into the car, I need time to feed my fur people, regroup, drink coffee and preview my classes for the day.

Depending on shifts and meetings I get home anywhere between 11 and 3:00pm and usually try to have a power nap. This is round about the time the neighbours start mowing their lawns so the quality of these naps is not that great. In the late afternoon I try to make it back down the mountain to yoga class to complete the hundred hours I need to do for accreditation.  (and extra 30 has been added since deciding to specialise in Yin.)

Everything else, cleaning, cooking, shopping, phoning the gas or phone company, trying to be creative, preparing for the next week’s classes AND my own training, have to be squeezed in the remaining time.  I get very cranky when people waste my time or claim my time unannounced.  I don’t mean to be petulant about this but time is like water during a dry spell.  Every drop is metered out.  Once it’s gone it’s gone.

I’ve decided to forgive myself for not being consistent with my training.  To hold on to things that you just can’t get to is just another burden to drag around.

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