Keryn Clark 11

Hello!  Welcome to my site.  My website as it now stands is in a constant state of evolution, just as I am in a state of evolution along with the rest of the planet.  Nothing is permanent and this is a good thing.

Fitness Heaven is my evolving business.  Fitness does not only refer to building muscle and exercise, although I work in that industry, but it is also about what concerns emotional wellness and feeling connected in a world that is disconnected what from truly makes us happy.  In the coming posts I hope to share my thoughts on the subject and any information that I find valuable.  I am particularly interested in the mind/body connection to health and what I hope to create here is a gentle space that explores this subject.

There are good energies in the world, particularly coming from the young, which promise to blow in much needed change.  We can no longer consume, distract or trundle our way across the world oblivious to the havoc we, as humans, are causing to the environment and to the other creatures who share this world with us.  We don’t own the world.  We owe the world a duty to protect it along with everything that lives upon it.

For a long time now I have felt stuck in a state of flux.  Bewildered by choice, dumbstruck by the sheer volume of information out there on any given subject, strangled by the need to feel seen or heard which of course is a social marketing tactic to keep us striving and pushing without really asking ourselves what it is we are striving for.

Then one day a voice rose up inside me and it said STOP! Just stop. Do the things you want to do, share the information that resonates with you and if someone is interested they will find you.

So hello someone, nice to have you here. Pleased to meet you.


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