A Monk’s Guide to a Clean House and Mind

“When something breaks, rather than repairing it, many people buy a replacement because this is faster and cheaper.  However, if you continue to live your life in this way, your relationships with others will begin to resemble how you relate to objects. This willingly lead to the exhaustion of your heart.” 

I loved this little book!

As a starting point for a new life Matsumoto suggests we begin by cleaning our own house, metaphorically and literally.  This is a book that methodically takes you through the daily and seasonal  processes for keeping your house clean and your life in order. Cleaning your house, your outward life, is allegory for cleaning your inner life by paying attention to details, practising ritual, tradition and restraint.  If every person on the planet observed the contents of this book the world would be a much happier and enriched place.

The style of writing is Zen-like in it’s simplicity undercut with subtle humour.  I couldn’t put it down.

a monks guide

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